SPNR Egg Hunt!

Hippity Hoppity,
Looking for eggs! 🎵

Today is the day for our Switch Players Norwich Easter Egg Hunt!
What do we do, I hear you ask?
Look for eggs, that’s the task. 🎵

There are 10 different eggs hidden around the island, from the beaches to the hilltops, try and find them all. With every egg you find, take a picture of the location! When the event ends you can post the photos below in the event page, or send them to us in a private message.

If you manage to find them all you will be up for a chance to WIN!
There will be lots of prizes, from furniture, bells and nook miles tickets.

Share your photos on twitter with the hashtag #SPNREggHunt and tag us (@SwitchPlayersNR) for another chance to win!

*Please be considerate and respect the island. Please do not take fruit and flowers without permission.*

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