Are you ready for The Isle of Armor?

There is just over 1 week left until the first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC launches on 17th June. We have compiled a list of things you can do to get yourself ready for The Isle of Armor.

• Complete the PokeDex
• Catch every G-MAX Pokemon
• Get the Judge Function
• Get all non-regional forms (Meowth, Yamask, Mr. Mime)
• Buy all the TMs in the game
• Buy all the clothing in the game
• Upgrade your Rotom bike to level 5
• Complete the Curry Dex
• Cook a Charizard Class Curry
• Get the 1% Authentic Sinistea
• Get all 63 Flavours of Alcremie
• Catch Rotom & get the Rotom Catalog.
• Get the Catch Charm
• Get the Oval Charm
• Get the Shiny Charm
• Complete a Living Dex
• Collect the Galarian starters with hidden ability from Pokemon Home

Hope this list gives you something to work towards to get yourself back in the Pokemon spirit.

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