Trick or Treat!? ACNH Halloween Costume Competition

Date: Sunday 25th October @ 12am – Sunday 1st November @ 8pm.
This is an online event.

Hello Players! 👋🏻
Halloween is upon us and due to the current world we are living in, it is more than likely that most people will not be able to celebrate Halloween in person.

So, we are hosting a Halloween Costume Competition in Animal Crossing. 🎃(We may or may not be working on hosting a Halloween party on ACNH too)

How to take part:

• Create your Halloween costume! You can use in-game items, custom designs people have made online, or you can create your own.
• Set up your photo. Win bonus points by taking your Halloween photo in a themed area. Spook our your house, or island to make it look atmospheric.
• Take you photo and send it to us. You can post it on our Facebook event page, or you can send it to us on Twitter @SwitchPlayersNR.

You have a week to send us your photos, starting from Sunday 25th October until November 1st at 8pm.

**Prizes to be announced**

Event Page:

Our online events get streamed onto our Twitch channel, so make sure you subscribe to get notified when we are live.

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