Switch Players Norwich are now on Twitch

We have decided to move our streams from Facebook and onto Twitch. We are really excited about this move and are looking forward to showing you our content on another platform.

Give us a subscribe to be notified when we go live!

>> https://www.twitch.tv/switchplayersnorwich

All of our online events will be streamed directly to our Twitch page, and whenever we are not live we have a list of streamers who are part of our community which we will be hosting. Please support your local content creators! 💚

Online Event: SPNR Egg Hunt

Thank you to everybody who visited and took part in our online Egg hunt on Animal Crossing. It was super fun to organise and we hope you had fun taking part.

Below are all the locations of the 10 hidden eggs. We will be going through all your submissions tonight and working on sending out your prizes tomorrow. Thank you again to our wonderful community. Keep safe and keep gaming! ❤